Prayer Tree

We believe that prayer is an important element of Christian life and worship. It can take the form of petition, intercession, thanksgiving or praise, although none of these labels have to apply.

Sometimes, prayer is collective and formal.  Individually, it is usually less formal although many people prefer the structure of written or remembered prayers.

Each month (usually the third Sunday of the month day - 10:00am) a small group meet around the Prayer Tree to review the prayers that have been added to the tree, and to add their voices to those prayers.  We would encourage you to join us.

Prayers can be added to the tree either by writing a short note on a label and tying it to the tree, or by hanging a woollen thread on a branch.  Sometimes, we aren't able to find the right words, or we would prefer anonymity about the matter or identity, and just the act of adding to the tree is all that is needed.

If you would like the prayer group to pray in your behalf, you can send an email which will be acknowledged.  Alternatively, written prayer requests can be put into the locked wooden box next to the kitchen inside the church.  these contact details are also in the Parish Magazine.  If you would prefer that the details were kept confidential to members of the Prayer Group, please make that clear to us.

In addition,you can request prayers for inclusion during intercessions in a Church Service.

There is also the opportunity for prayer, as well as Bible Study and sharing, at one of the two the Home Groups on Monday evenings - all welcome.