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How are we sharing the Good News of Christ?

20 May 2022

Our Lectionary readings now are from the Acts of the Apostles, and we read of the incredible work undertaken by the early church in sharing the good news of Jesus Christ. Paul’s journeys are inspirational and the lengths that those early disciples went to are astounding - we read of shipwrecks, imprisonment, beatings, even martyrdom. Thankfully, most of us in this country don’t have to face such extreme circumstances, but in a world of bad news, we must ask the question of ourselves “how are we sharing the Good News of Christ?”

Our culture and society is very different from the first century world, so we have to work out how we can be relevant and how best to engage with the post-modern world. It’s sometimes complex and daunting, but just as Paul and the early church were guided by the Holy Spirit, so we too should be praying for wisdom and for God to guide us into situations where we can bring light and joy into the darkness of this world.

Services this week

  • 8am BCP (Order 2) Holy Communion at St Andrew’s
  • 9.30 BCP (Order 2) Holy Communion at St Peter’s
  • 10am Holy Communion at St Michael’s
  • 11am Family Communion at St Andrew’s
  • 5pm Rogation Service at Broughton Church followed by supper

News from St Michael’s

We have had a fabulous Art in the Dale exhibition, hugely successful on all fronts…..a stunning display of art from Malhamdale artists and school pupils, hugely enjoyable music, and great conversations as people have reconnected with eachother and made new friends in the beautiful setting of St Michael’s. Thank you to everyone who helped to make it such a success. We are already making plans for next year! 

This weekend Canon David Bruno will be taking the 10am service while Revd Sue takes a well deserved break.

News from St Andrew’s

At St Andrew’s next week, we have an Ascension Day service at 7pm on Thursday, and we have a series of reflective evening services at 6pm each evening to mark the time between Ascension and Pentecost.

Have a blessed week and keep on praying,

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