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St Andrew's festival draws to a close

03 October 2021

Celebration seems to be the theme this week, as St Andrew’s Festival draws to a close and St Michael’s Church at Kirkby Malham celebrate their Patronal Festival tomorrow. Wednesday was the Feast of St Michael and All Angels in the church calendar so it is very appropriate that a church named after St Michael should mark this special occasion. For some, it may seem a little uncomfortable to talk about celebration when the world is in chaos, but that all depends how we approach things. If we see our celebrations as an excuse to party and forget about the world and the people around us then clearly we are missing the point, but if we celebrate with a thankful heart for all that God has done (and is doing) amongst us then that is different. By celebrating God’s gifts to us (our churches, ourselves, each other and our communities), then our celebrations become a form of worship and thanksgiving to God. So let’s celebrate with thankful hearts and clear conscience, and in so doing may we draw others into God’s wonderful presence.

Tomorrow’s services:

  • 8am - BCP holy Communion at St Andrew’s
  • 10am - St Michael’s Patronal Festival at  Kirkby Malham (Rev David Bruno leading Communion0
  • 11am - Family Service at St Andrew’s (breakfast from 10.15)
  • 4pm - Compline Evensong at St Peter’s

Please continue to pray for Bishop Nick’s wife, Linda, who is undergoing treatment for a serious illness, and please do let me know if anyone would like a prayer request to be shared via this email (I must have their consent).

A longstanding member of St Andrew’s - Jean Coldwell, sadly passed away 2 weeks ago and her funeral is at St Andrew’s on the 7th of October at 1pm.

Next week a small party of us will be attending an important conference on Church Growth, and it is crucial that we consider how we can promote this across our Benefice. The Church of England is facing unprecedented challenges numerically, financially and existentially and the effects of these challenges could be far reaching unless we act now. Please do pray for growth in our churches and consider how we can draw others into our flock.

Please continue to pray for all that is going on in our world and let’s see where we can bring light and hope to those around us.

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